Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Why VSIT ?

Ambience and EnvironmentMake Your Identity at VSIT

Buildings are a primary source of pollution that leads to urban air quality problems, climate change, habitat destruction, and overfilled landfills.

A high performance building which is healthy; thermally, visually & acoustically comfortable; energy, material & water efficient; safe and secure; easy to maintain & operate was the solution provided by us. This involved integrating the project designing, planning, and engineering, in order to work with, not against nature i.e. to incorporate nature's "free" services (wind, sun, thermal properties, greenhouse principles, light, etc.) to create a high quality indoor environment while circumventing as much damage to the ambient environment as possible.

We desired to look beyond the default modernist box architecture. Our building had to express the will of the Institution to progress in a progressive environment; to build a campus that best embodies its cherished values. So, monumental verticality was avoided and instead we decided to experiment with horizontal urbanism. Our main idea was to have an educational village built within an industrial container. This literal minded village was planned to have groupings of similar requirements in clearly definable structures with a main street as the central organizing device that would become a hospitable site for spontaneous student interactions. We believe that this plan of open public spaces, enclosed semi public places and private areas encourages communal learning and awakens a sense of cultural and intellectual growth.

We are of the opinion that a powerful design can affect human psyche and duly contribute to building a great Institution.

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